About us

hello friend! I am Saurabh Singh who was far away from this niche, doesn’t know how he gets involved in this. But without reason, there is no story and I have just felt what we are doing in our daily life and what we should do to get relief from anxiety of daily life.

I will help you through my blog information based on the niche ‘YOGA’. Although it has 4 letters but it will impact your thoroughly and you will get direction on your life.

Everybody knows precaution is better than cure but when you get entrapped in disease, which path you follow either costlier and painfull treatments or Peaceful meditation remedies.

Surely larger the audience wants to go for the second one because it will cure every subtle parts of your body and align your body in a proper direction.
I have started to write a blog on this niche because it is necessity of life. We are all engaged with this word in their life but we don’t have knowledge about this so we are unable to analyze the action that we are performing are related to Yoga or not.

My opinion on yoga is all described here to give you all beneficial knowledge and how it changes in daily life as time was passed. We can start it from taking breathing in an efficient way which is I think not more difficult rather than goes for a gym.

Proper breathing exercise will help you to get relief from stress and after that, you can choose tough challenges in Yoga as per your desire. In modern days the term Gym is very popular and it includes to stress our body parts to the extent we can.

The Gym consists of all physical exercises and nearly it is related to Hatha yoga which is a type of yoga. You can develop your physical appearance by Gym but for your moral and integral expansion, you have to opt yoga. This site gives you all information like its history, development, and execution of yoga in past and modern life.

Yoga is nothing but just a way to live life without stress and anxiety. People asking how much it is impactful? Nobody can sure about this. It is to develop your moral and spiritual values. Moreover, you can compare it with personality development. In simple words, Yoga can give you inner peace and it works on the subtle essence of your life. By these steps you can involve in life more actively rather than physical appearance.