Why yoga having so much importance in life|Pros, and Cons of Yoga


Here is a question in every mind that why should we do yoga? what is the importance of yoga in our life? Believe me, here you will find every answer. We have talked about the history of Yoga with a time period. We have also described the importance of Swara Yoga in Shiv Sarvodaya. Now we are discussing the importance of yoga and Meditation in our life for health heal.

Main purpose of Yoga:

benefits of yoga
benefits of yoga

By doing so you will be aware of how it impacts your life. We asked people about the importance of yoga and meditation and why they are doing yoga. They tell us 8 importance of yoga and meditation in our life for health heal. You can create an equilibrium between body and mind which is necessary to live in a world.

It perfectly aligns you in the way that you want to live your life. These learnings will also provide you oneness and purity, integrity, and clarity about your thought. These asanas will give you a rise in your spirituality. It will expand your thoughts in every direction. All the yogis and Mahatma remain part of yoga. Without this, one can’t find the path of spirituality and can’t connect with his own consciousness or God.

God is nowhere it is inside you as said by our scriptures. Every particle in this universe has the existence of God. Our ancestors are very wise people they have created the path to acquire God through physical postures i.e. Hatha yoga.

Inner Engineering by our Rishis and Yogis:

inner engineering
inner engineering

They focused on inner engineering rather than to examine the world or Universe. They knew that every particle in this world consists in itself a Universe. So to know the inner engineering is helpful for every person for stability in life. Patanjali gave the eight sutras of Yoga which can be acquired by a person step by step. These are the sutra that can enlighten a person’s soul.  We asked people about the importance of yoga and meditation in our life and why they are doing yoga. They tell us 10 important benefits of yoga and meditation in our life for health heal.

yoga benefits
  1. Increased flexibility.
  2. Increased muscle strength and tone.
  3. Improved respiration, energy and vitality.
  4. Maintaining a balanced metabolism.
  5. Weight reduction.
  6. Cardio and circulatory health.
  7. Improved athletic performance.
  8. Protection from injury.
  9. Better immersion
  10. Tranquility and Calmness

The yoga is a practical approach to acquire oneself on the other side bhakti-yoga is based on belief. Religion is also based on belief. One can’t explore religion because he does not know to explore it. The rishi and yogi who wrote the scripture and create the religion are very wise people. All they have done it through experience. So one by one we discuss the importance of yoga in our life.

The centrality of yoga as increased flexibility:

Yoga for flexibility
Yoga for flexibility

We know yoga is mainly attainment of mental stability through physical exercises. So it gives flexibility in our body. So one can attain a life without fatigue. One can also release toxins from his body to outside.

Significance of yoga as increased muscle strength and tone:

muscle strength
Muscle strength

Everybody knows that physical exercises give muscle strength. This can also give the more will power to a particular and can increase mental stability. Hatha yoga is an example of this which started from physical exercise. It gives stability and pleasure to your mind in the next segment.

Importance of yoga as improved respiration, energy and vitality:

Improved Respiration by Yoga

Yoga gives supreme pleasure in oneself. It deals with every organ of the and body and also deals with the attainment of ultimate pleasure of mind. It improves respiration, unites the energy and enhances vitality.

Maintaining the enhanced metabolism:

weight reduction
Yoga increases metabolism

Yoga is helpful for every age group. It is all about to limit yourself in every manner. The two sutras of Patanjali Yama and Niyama signify Yoga. When we control over every distraction then we can easily win over any form of the disease. The third sutra is Asanas that focuses on overall physical exercise. These exercises give you relief from every disease which is related to your physical organ.

Weight Reduction:

Weight reduce

It is difficult for a bulky person to go to the GYM and start physical exercise initially. It gives you the intial push to get flexibility. You have to control over yourself by Yama and Niyama which focuses on controlling Indriya. People can start with focusing and he goes through Pranayama and Asana which is beneficial in weight reduction.

Cardio and circulatory health:

Cardio health

The essential component of our life is breath. One person can live without breath up to only 3 minutes. Shiv Samhita also focuses on the breath and describe the first Yoga, Swara Yoga. the breath is an important part of yoga it enables the proper functioning related to our Cardio and circulatory system.

Improved athletic performance:


Yoga consists of physical exercises in the part of Asanas. It stretches the body and gives the muscle strength. This will also provide you the athletic body which is highly demanded quality in such a busy life.

Protection from injury:

Our body is capable to recover from injuries or diseases without any external aid. This resistance power is inbuilt in the human body. Yoga boost this natural resistance power by which one person can get recovery from any disease and injury very early.

improve flexibility:importance of yoga
improve flexibility

It also protects from injury because yoga provides you flexibility in body. It will also care about your conscious mind which enables our senses for every accident and work.

Better immersion:

importance of yoga
Immersion with Yoga

Performing yoga daily will eventually lead to greater concentration and in under eight months of yoga training, you’ll see yourself more inspired.

Tranquility and Calmness:

The meditation and breathing allows you disengage from the own thoughts. This makes it possible to calm down. With regular yoga training, you’ll become aware of the way the calmness is no more only a portion of your clinic. It turns into a method of life! Yoga alters your own life and broadens your horizons in ways that you can not ever imagine. It’s completely worth trying!

importance of yoga
Calmness with Yoga

What are the Disadvantages of Yoga? Pros and Cons of Yoga The Truth As Stated above, the downsides of Yoga are couple; nevertheless, there are some important things to notice:

Use caution with Yoga headstands.

Some optometrists have cautioned that Yoga headstands could cause glaucoma, however, there have not been sufficient research on this to draw a firm conclusion.

Be Skeptical of Dahn Yoga.

Dahn Yoga is a Yoga thought, which might be only a sales pitch to receive your cash by placing the word”Yoga” in there. It appears to incorporate a good deal of counting and chanting without a focus on breathing.

Use caution with Bikram Yoga.

Bikram Yoga, also called”Hot Yoga”, is done in a hot area. Some physicians say that this is not great for your body, but some state it’s. It’s possible to prevent this controversy simply by sticking with the fundamentals.

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