Premature aging with the result:

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Does everyone know how yoga can be beneficial for your life? The answer will be yes or no. I assure you that Yoga would be beneficial for a long time for premature aging. They also short-tempered about the benefits of yoga but it does not give instant results. It aligns your body in that way which it should be. Here we are talking about how we can improve your age. It can reduce your smile lines, greying hair, less bone density, pain in the body, less endurance, less stability, less flexibility in your body. These symptoms that can impact you when you grow older that why we called yoga as an anti-aging tool?

Exercise for premature aging

General physical changes we observed when growing and focusing on premature aging:

Everybody knows about the symptoms when we are getting older. Smile lines, wrinkles, fatigue, less bone density, greying hair, joint pain, hormonal changes, less stability, less focus, etc are the symptoms of aging. we can’t restrict them. They are natural and are the truth of life. but one thing we can do that is slowing the effect of these symptoms. There is only one tool that can slow your aging that is Yoga.

How can you impact on your premature aging:

Yoga, in general, is a wide term which consists of many aspects of life. It is the tool that examines the body from scratch and gives you the harmony between your mind and body. Before knowing about how it impacts our aging we have to know why we got aged? 

premature aging with yoga

 Aging is a natural process and it is the truth of life. It comprises hormonal changes, Smile lines, wrinkles, fatigue, less bone density, greying hair, joint pain, less stability, less focus. Nowadays these symptoms are seeing in the adult age. This is because of Improper diet, stressed life, and also not including yoga in their life. yoga gives you relief from mental stress. It is started from your breath which is an important part of our life. Our body is made of five elements. If there is any disbalance in these five elements the body would get in trouble.

There are three elements from the conclusion of five elements that are Vata(Vayu), Pitta(Agni), and Cough. These three elements have to be in a balanced condition for the proper health of a person.

Importance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha for premature aging :

Vata means Vayu which has the following symptoms 

  • Instability, 
  • Weak digestion, 
  • Thin body structure, 
  • Crumbling of hand and body,
  • Irregular period,
  • Pain during the period
  • Arthritis
Impacts of Vatta Pitta Kapha
Impacts of Vatta Pitta Kapha

What are the remedies to cure these issues? The remedies are followed:

  • In the early morning fill your mouth with two spoon coconut oil and three spoon water for 15 minutes.
  • Take massage with oil.
  • Nasya
  • Ganesh kriya

The next element is Pitta which means Agni. This element gives heat to your body. The symptoms of this element get imbalanced are as follows:

  • Bile problems
  • Body gets hotter
  • lips will dry
  • Suffering from acidity
  • Rashes will occur in the body 
  • The eye will be red
  • Increase heat in the liver
  • Throat dry

The remedies to cure these issues are as followed:

  • Avoid tea
  • Avoid spicy food
  • Include salad in your food
  • Eat colder food like watermelon, curd, etc

The next element is Kapha which imbalanced due to eating oily food. you can ensure your Kapha is either balanced or not by checking the following symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Fat will be accumulated in your body

The remedies to cure these symptoms are as follows:

  • Avoid heavy food like banana
  • Discard the food having larger water content like Watermelon
  • Avoid butter, etc.

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