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Enjoy 1000 calorie diet for weight loss

Many of you will be concious for your health and perhaps some may not even care about it. But a good health sign is the best life. But for that you will have to go through a health plan which is completely dependent on your diet and maybe that’s why we are calling this article a diet plan.

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yoga for pregnant women

Pregnancy Yoga

When do we talk about yoga? It is familiar to a significant population of the country, but when we speak about Pregnancy Yoga? There are very fewer people who know about this. India is less aware about the benefits of yoga. People prefer surgical treatments which are very costlier and pays a considerable amount for this.

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The first Yogi-Adiyogi

What is the origin of Yoga in Hindu mythology, and who is Adi yogi? It is the question that remains forever for everyone. What is the book that can give you the base element of Yoga in the world? The answer is Shiv Samhita, which is a part of Rigveda, The oldest textbook of spirituals.

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The Best Experience of Yoga with Gorgious Shilpa Shetty

I hope you all like my blogs on Yoga. If you have any query and suggetion about my blogs then you can contact me without hassle at any time at “[email protected]
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