8 Pregnancy Yoga poses for delivery


When do we talk about yoga? It is familiar to a significant population of the country, but when we speak about Pregnancy Yoga? There are very fewer people who know about this. India is less aware of the benefits of yoga. People prefer surgical treatments which are very costlier and pays a considerable amount for this.

On the other way doing yoga can impact your pregnancy period and making comfortable to you for this hard period by stretching and expanding yourself and taking part in this more actively. It also helps in the mood swing of women.  

pregnancy yoga
Pregnancy yoga

How can Pregnancy Yoga be beneficial:

 Here I will talk about how Yoga can be helpful in the Pregnancy period. It seems impossible for a newcomer, but as long as she gives time for this, it will be useful in her pregnancy period. It is very fewer people who know how yoga helps during pregnancy, so it is my responsibility to aware everyone who is reading this blog should be aware of this term. Pregnancy yoga usually offers a space where it is safe to let go.

This yoga also teaches you to focus on stretching and elongation, which results in hormone relaxin, released in the pregnant woman’s body in preparation for birth, allow her body to extend in new ways. The question is: what is the purpose of pregnancy yoga?

yoga for pregnant women
Yoga for pregnant women

Yoga is the occurrence of stretching and relaxation alternatively. This pregnancy also occurs in the same pattern. One part is stretching, and the other is relaxation contradicting each other. Yoga aims to support pregnant women during her pregnancy and prepare her mentally, physically and emotionally for childbirth. It helps them to take part more actively in this process.

Pregnancy yoga for normal delivery:

In the pregnancy period, there are few yoga poses which we should consider because it is a susceptible stage for women. There are six asanas that a pregnant lady has to do. It will give to release tension in the cervix through her pelvic region. It also helps alleviate her body too supple. The six poses are as follows- 

yoga for pregnant women
Yoga for pregnant women
  1. Bound Angle Pose. Baddha Konasana.
  2. Easy Pose. Sukhasana.
  3. Extended Triangle Pose. Utthita Trikonasana.
  4. Marjariasana (Cat stretch)
  5. Konasana-1
  6. Konasana-2
  7. Warrior II Pose. Virabhadrasana II

1.Bound Angle Pose(Baddha Konasana):

Bound angle pose or Throne Asanas is a sitting pose in Hatha yoga and Modern yoga. It is suitable as a meditation seat. The name comes from Sanskrit “Baddha” means “Bound” and “Kona” means “Angle”. and “Asana” means “Pose or sit”. It helps in the following ways-

Bound Angle Pose(Baddha Konasana)
Bound Angle Pose(Baddha Konasana)
  • Improves flexibility in the hip and groin region
  • Stretches the thighs and knees, relieving pain
  • Alleviates fatigue
  • Helps facilitate smooth delivery when practiced until late pregnancy

2.Easy pose (Sukhasana):

The name comes from the Sanskrit word “Sukha” means” Happiness”. It can be done by opening the Hips and lengthening the spine. People can easily do it without any physical difficulties. Some scholars do not consider it to be as useful for longtime meditation sessions because it is easy to slump forward while sitting in it. This pregnancy yoga is much more popular nowadays. Meditation needs to have a straight head and spine. It can be alleviated during pregnancy because it does not require any extra effort.

Easy pose (Sukhasana)
Easy pose (Sukhasana)

3.Extended triangle pose (Utthita trikonasana): 

Extended triangle pose
Extended triangle pose
  • This pose maintains physical and mental balance. Especially useful for pregnant women since their centre of gravity shifts.
  • It also stretches and opens the hips, which can be a big help during a delivery.
  • This pose reduces back pain and stress.

4.Marjiriasana (Cat stretch):

Marjiriasana (Cat stretch)
Marjiriasana (Cat stretch)

This pose provides a gentle massage to the spine and belly organs.This has come from the Sanskrit word “Marjari” means “Cat”. This pose has two bent of your spine one gives a concave shape, and another gives a convex shape of the spine. It provides the following benefits-

  • Stretches the neck and shoulders, alleviating stiffness.
  • Keeps the spine flexible. It is useful because the back has to support more weight as the pregnancy advances.
  • This pose tones the abdominal region.
  • Improves blood circulation, ensuring that the reproductive organs are well-nourished.


In this pose, the person should stand sideways and bent only one arm. It has the following result –

  • the spine would be flexible
  • helps in constipation.


  • Maintain the left hand near the head, hips and thighs unmoving, only bend the spine. Gently, slide the ideal hand towards the knee.
  • The oblique upper region of the human body ought to be held just at a vertical plane, i.e. carefully prevent any inclination to incline either backward or forward.
  • Complete each of the above actions in 3 minutes, while inhaling.
  • Keep this posture, for 6 minutes, keeping the breath (final position).
  • Return to beginning position: Exhaling, in 3 minutes, easily brings the back to the starting place. 6. Bring the left arm to the side and lift the ideal arm (as clarified in D1, over ), in two minutes, together with all the breath suspended.
  • Repeating the preceding arrangement, currently, bend to the left to finish 1 round.

7.Warrior pose (virabhadrasana):

Warrior pose (virabhadrasana)
Warrior pose (virabhadrasana)

The name suggests that it is like a warrior pose. It gives the following result-

  • It improves balance in the body.
  • This yoga tones the arms, legs and lower back.
  • Increases stamina.



It poses like a dead body. This person gets fully relaxed, and cells get repaired. It also alleviates the stress release.

Procedure for Pregnancy Yoga:

The practice of yoga mainly divided into three trimesters.

First trimester:

In this trimester, women come after three months of pregnancy. A t this stage, many suffer from Nausea, vomiting, weakness and other symptoms which prevent them from taking part in any physical activity. A woman who feels good in the first trimester can practice anything, but she should be treated as a beginner because the focus is not only on the learning of yoga but also on how to prepare her for childbirth more actively.

Second trimester: 

Most women begin to start feeling better in the second trimester. In this trimester they want to move more, feeling energetic and working hard physically preparing herself for childbirth. They take part in Yoga more actively. In this trimester, women can go more deeply into Yoga.

Third trimester: 

This trimester is the time where women are closer to their delivery. Some are good at this stage for yoga, and some fulfill with fear. In this last stage of these trimesters, the more focus is on breathing exercises which gives relaxation and relief rather than stretching. Everyone has to know what could be the best possible way for herself, which provides a better result from any other condition.

Yoga after birth: 

This stage lasts up to 6 weeks. and in this stage, the woman will her body trying to reorganize itself. In this stage, the woman feels tired, so she has to take proper rest and not to carry any physical load. A woman can start paying attention to the sensations in her pelvic floor, using Apana and Samana Vayus to train both the pelvic muscles and the transverse abdominals to contract on exhalation and release on inhalation. At the postnatal stage, a woman doesn`t usually join a regular yoga group, and we should advise her to avoid forward bends, twists and lifting weights. At this stage, even Kapalabhati and deep exhalations without supporting the pelvic floor are undesirable.

Yoga accessories:

It should be clear about what attachments should you have during your yoga. The clothes you wear should be flexible and helpful in absorbing sweating. Many websites sell yoga accessories for doing the pregnancy yoga and you can purchase it from there.

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